Doggelganger – Finding your Dog Double

Not to be confused with the term “Doppelgänger”, Doggelganger is a software developed by Colenso BBDO. It pairs a human to a canine look-alike. It is an innovative approach aimed at encouraging people to adopt dogs that are in need of a home. This software has been developed with a belief that a dog owner expects a connection/familiarity with the dog.

How it works

This software uses facial recognition technology to map the facial features of a person onto a dog. This software allows a person to take their photo and then matches it with the photos of hundreds of homeless dogs, that are already stored in a database. On finding a match, the accurate percentage of match is displayed on the screen as well as the entire information of the dog like it’s age, location, sex, breed. There is also a short note on the behaviour and the nature of the dog. Once a correct match is found, the dog can be adopted by it’s “human doppelgänger “. If not satisfied, the search can be done again.

There are options for contacting, options to share the match result on various social medias. There are options for getting further information and for donations.


This software advertised by The Pedigree Adoption Drive New Zealand has become a huge success, with many people trying it out and finding their match. This has helped many dogs and dog lovers connect .

After its launch, adoption rates have upped by a huge number, with the website is getting a large number of hits a day.


No doubt, overall the app is really good and unique. The developers have received many awards for their excellent work. The Pedigree Adoption Drive New Zealand has been applauded for the creative idea. Only the photos of dogs in New Zealand are available for now but Pedigree is expected to expand to other countries too.