What are the best dog foods?

I already have my best friend and now what are the best dog food?

If you have a dog as a pet, you will know that their food is a priority and should be chosen with care, since not all dog food is of quality and this is something that we must take into account when choosing the food of our pet.
The most expensive croquettes are always the best

There are different dog food claiming to be the best, however, many could not be more wrong. The best in quality always have very high costs, this is for good reason, they know they offer good quality.

However, people often get carried away by the low prices and buy the cheapest croquettes they find in Soriana, wallmart, heb, or even in the corner shop and the problem with these foods is that they can cause problems to our pets.
What are the best croquettes?

Kibbles croquettes n bits: it is one of the best dog food without sacrificing the pocket, it is at the level of nupec, hills and diamond. It has different presentations for different types of dogs. It’s made of chicken and beef, two great foods to give you the vitamins your dog needs to keep growing healthily.

Pedigree Croquettes: It is without a doubt one of the most recognized brands of dog food but it is thanks to its great marketing and not because it is the best, it is not bad but it is not very good. In its different presentations it provides vitamins, minerals, cereals and calcium, all this so that your pet is healthy and has excellent digestion.

Eukanuba croquettes: They are super premium croquettes or better known as one of the most expensive croquettes, the main advantage of this brand is that it does not contain chemicals that could cause a bad to your pet. They are one of the best croquettes that you can find for your dog regardless of whether you have a small dog, large, sportsman, lazy, etc. since the brand has dedicated foods especially for each type of can and these range from weight control to high performance dog food.

Royal Canin croquettes: This brand like eukanuba is super premium croquettes, their prices are slightly lower than the previous one and also have different type of croquettes according to the need of the canine.

Croquettes Nupec: This is premium food and one of its main features is that after a few weeks of starting with it the fur of your canine will shine like you have never seen it. The price is not cheap but they are also not as high as eukanuba or royal canin and you will be getting a good croquette to keep your dog healthy and very nice.

Among the whole croquetósphere we can find different food for dogs and brands that we could classify as well.

  • Trademark croquettes
  • Pedigree
  • Dog Chow
  • Ol Roy
  • Premium croquettes
  • Hills
  • Nupec
  • Anf
  • Propac
  • Diamond
  • Super premium croquettes
  • Eukanuba
  • Proplan
  • Royal Canin

No one said that nurturing your dog well would be cheap and if you want to have the most beautiful dog on the block you will need to start giving him good food, this next to his daily dose of exercise.

This analysis only presented some of the trademarks of croquettes but there really are many more both good and bad and regular quality. To know all the macas of commercial croquettes, as well as their presentation and average price you can click on THE SEMAPSE OF THE CROQUETAS to know others that are not mentioned here, know more about their components and thus decide which ones to choose that you can find in your city.

And now you know what food is better for dog but remember that apart from its healthy eating will not only serve you to give the best food to your dog, you also have to bathe it, play with it and put it to exercise to improve your health and with exercise will greatly improve your quality of life in general and after only a couple of weeks you will notice great changes in your hair , brighter and not falling.